What to Expect

Experience a safe, healing, and supportive massage environment for every body. It is my practice to honor and accept everyone exactly as they are.

Before the Massage

For each session, I will conduct a short but thorough interview to carefully listen to you and cater the massage to your particular needs. I may assess your range of motion and how you stand before the massage (while clothed). This helps me to understand which muscles may be shortened or lengthened, and which areas may need more work.

Prior to each session, I will go over your massage plan. You will have a clear understanding of how the massage will go; if you will start face down or up on the table, how long you can expect to stay in each position, and which areas of the body will be worked on, with your permission. You will be given privacy and time for changing and getting under the covers on the massage table.

Before beginning the session, you will select your favorite organic healing infused oil for your massage. I am happy to explain the differences between the medicinal plant choices and recommend the best selection for your specific needs.

If possible, please come to your massage well hydrated with plans for some self-care afterwards. Remember to remove jewelry and quiet your cell phone prior to the massage.

During the Massage

With each session, I will pay attention to the various tissues of your body and listen to their feedback about pressure and touch. I intentionally stay grounded throughout the massage, honoring your needs for conversation, music, or quiet. Out of respect for your time and space for healing, I will not initiate conversation unless it is pertinent to the massage.

If you have booked a 60 minute session, your time will start when I begin the massage and will end 60 minutes later. Please budget an additional 10-15 minutes for the interview, changing, and payment. If particular areas need more time, I will check in with you. For instance I might say, “This shoulder could use more work, but that will mean less time on the backs of your legs, how do you feel about that?” I always strive to use open and clear communication, respecting your time and preferences.

For hour-long Craniosacral sessions, the client remains clothed, wearing loose or stretchy, comfortable clothing. For Therapeutic, Swedish Relaxation, or TMJ Protocol sessions, the client “dresses down” to their comfort level. During the massage, the client is covered with a sheet drape at all times, only the area being worked on is undraped at any one time. I am always respectful of your privacy and comfort.

Occasionally, massage can bring about the release of emotions that have been held in the body. This is a normal, healthy response. I have been trained to help clients navigate these emotions and will often just hold space and allow these valid feelings to arise. 

After the Massage

If you would benefit from increased flexibility, I may show you stretches after the massage to help specific muscles, posture, and body awareness moving forward.

Please plan to drink extra water the day of your session. A hot bath with Epsom salts after the massage, or that evening, can help to alleviate any possible areas of soreness. As Therapeutic and Relaxation massage works directly on muscle tissue, some light soreness for the next day or two is normal.

After receiving bodywork, clients often benefit from spending some quiet time resting or in self-reflection. Taking this time for integration is highly encouraged.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have about specific modalities and your health needs, or the benefits of massage therapy.

I look forward to helping you tune into your own body wisdom!