Herbal Consultations

Separate from my massage practice, I continue to offer herbal consultations. Over the 20 years that I have studied herbal medicine, plants have deeply changed my life and the way that I interact with my body and the earth. It is an honor to help clients transform their lives with herbs.

Herbal medicine uses the natural healing properties of plants to focus on and improve specific health concerns. Connecting with plants can be a powerful path toward changing your relationship to your body. Herbal remedies can help bring you into balance, working with your own body systems toward self-healing. This ancient form of medicine is not intended as a substitute for the care of your doctor. All remedies must work in harmony with medical advice you are already following.

Consultations last 60 minutes and include a detailed interview about your body systems, symptom picture, emotional well-being, diet, goals, and lifestyle. After having tea together, getting to know you, and understanding your health needs, I am able to match you with appropriate plant allies for your health. Custom remedies may include handmade organic herbal teas, tinctures, salves, and flower essences. 

All of the herbal medicines are made with integrity and respect for the plants. Many of the herbs are grown in my organic garden, where I tend and learn from them every season. When the herbs are at their peak of medicinal quality, I harvest them with gratitude and care. Wild-crafted remedies are harvested from clean, plentiful areas where I am monitoring the health of the plants year-round and have long term relationships with them. A priority is placed on giving clients effective plant medicines from our own bio-region.

Please contact me to schedule an herbal consultation, I'd love to connect you to your plant allies and their amazing healing wisdom! The cost is $80 and includes a thoughtful interview, specific recommendations, as well as custom organic herbal remedies (usually 2-3 oz of herbal tea, a 1 oz tincture or salve, and a flower essence).

For low income clients, I offer one free time slot each month (the consultation is free, the herbal remedies are given for a $10-$20 donation). Please get in touch to schedule.



Herbal Classes

Connecting plants and people is a passion, over the years teaching herbal medicine has taken many forms. I have taught workshops and trained apprentices out of my home, through Parks and Recreation in both Portland and Newberg, and have offered popular class series with other experts including a botanist and fertility specialist. Classes are always fun and interactive, with hands-on plant experience and medicine making. 

Let me know if you would like to be included on the email list for notifications, I usually offer classes 2-4 times a year.

Stay connected to learn about upcoming classes in 2019!