Lavender, Arnica, and St. John's Wort flowers

Lavender, Arnica, and St. John's Wort flowers

Organic Massage Oils

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, it is part of your immune system. Anything you put on your body becomes part of your body. For this reason, I only use the highest quality organic massage oils and lotions, with only all natural ingredients. 

As an herbalist, I create organic healing plant oils from flowers that grow in my garden or from plants I ethically wild-craft. Small-batch infused oils are wonderful for the skin, soothing to the joints, and relaxing to muscles. Infused oils are a complimentary benefit and an incredible addition to your massage! These plants also bring an extra healing element, through their connection to the natural world. Prior to your session, you will be able to select your favorite infused oil to include in your healing massage work. I am also happy to recommend an oil for your session.

Organic Infused Oils you can select for your massage include:

  • Arnica infused oil (organic), anti-inflammatory, healing for sore muscles
  • Lavender infused oil (organic), calming, uplifting, soothing, and healing
  • Poplar sp. infused oil (wild), anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-microbial
  • St. John's wort infused oil (wild), soothing and healing for nerves

Infused oils are made by selecting herbs to harvest at the perfect time, in their peak of quality. After lovingly harvesting the fresh flowers or leaves, they are carefully heated in organic olive oil (within glass jars). This allows the medicinal qualities of the plant (along with its own natural light scent) to be imbued into the oil.

Due to the medicinal strength of essential oils (different from infused oils), and since many clients are sensitive, I will check in with you before using any essential oils on your skin or in the room. My preference is to use lightly scented or unscented all natural products.

Please refrain from wearing heavily scented body products or perfume to your massage. This allows you to fully experience the lovely natural light scent of the organic infused oils.

More Handmade Herbals

When you come in for your massage, look for my handmade organic herbal salves and other products for sale at the Body Wisdom Massage Therapy and Chehalem Acupuncture clinic space in Newberg, OR.

Red Ridge Farms, a gorgeous gift shop, nursery, winery, and lavender farm in Dayton, OR, has carried my popular handmade olive oil soaps since 2010.

Organic medicinal tea blends are available through my business, Angelica Herbs.  Eight of my herbal teas have been favorites in the bulk section at the People's Co-op in Portland, OR for many years. The teas are also sold at community apothecary, Herbs in Jars, in Newberg, OR.