"Rebecca is an incredible practitioner. She brings a breadth of knowledge of the inner and outer working of the body, a deep listening to the client, and also their body, and genuine skill to her sessions. She ensures comfort and my experiences with her have been beautiful and healing. Her touch is magic."

- S.J.


"I found Rebecca to be knowledgeable, caring, and intuitive. Craniosacral massage had short and long term benefits to my health. After the sessions, I found that my health issues have been easier to manage. I am able to do less acupuncture, neural treatments, and still maintain better health months later. Rebecca's understanding and ability is amazing. I would recommend her very highly."



"After receiving a massage from Rebecca, I always walk away with a deeper connection to my body. She intuitively uses her hands to listen and respond in a way that is healing and helps me to sink in. I feel relaxed just from being in the space, not to mention the deeply therapeutic benefits of the massage."